Daniel Horn

Co-organiser - 3C Competition

Daniel Horn


Daniel Horn is a recent graduate and holds a Bachelors of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology on Long Island, NY. His architectural thesis project is located on the Newtown Creek in Brooklyn, NY and deals with reconstructing the water’s edge in relationship to existing zoning and inevitable sea level rise. Dan currently lives in the coastal Long Island town of Lindenhurst and was directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. He witnessed the devastation first hand as the storm surge topped 8 feet and caused devastation everywhere south of Montauk Highway, a major thoroughfare that runs parallel to the coast. For nearly four weeks he put his life on hold helping both his family and friends recover from the storm. In his future architectural career Dan hopes to address issues of climate change and rising sea levels through architecture. He hopes to design buildings and structures that can become machines to embrace storm water, mitigate pollution and restore local natural ecologies. In his spare time he enjoys playing music, traveling, and art. He currently serves as co-chair and co-organiser of the ORLI Initiative and 3C Competition.

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