David Roberts

Executive Director - Aedas

David Roberts

Cities all over the globe face challenges in regard to resilience and sustainability; and as discussed at the Resilient Cities round-table at MIPIM whether they be in the emerging or more mature economies all can learn from each in creating outcomes that benefit individual cities to those that will benefit the entire planet such as climatic impacts and quality of living for current and future generations.


David is a Member of the Board in Aedas International Limited. He has over 25 years of architectural experience of which 24 years are focusing in Hong Kong & Asia. David has also developed considerable expertise in Hong Kong, PRC, the Asia region and also the Middle East on a wide spectrum of projects including office, hotel, retail, recreational, industrial, infrastructure and healthcare projects.

David has often been at the forefront in establishing new links in international markets including PRC, North and South Asia, India and the Middle East and more recently in Europe and the Americas. Also as a Global Board Director, his forward- looking business strategies have consistently created numerous opportunities for Aedas in various sectors and markets, not only generating significant commissions and he also strategically forges strategic alliances with Government Agencies, Developers and Engineering partners around the world.

David continues to be involved in some of the larger projects by Aedas with an emphasis on rail and air transportation and infrastructure. He believes good design should be a given with any Aedas project; the real challenge is now very much in designing ever more sustainable buildings. 

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