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Ian Wroe

“World Cities Network promises to be an effective forum for the important dialogue between those influencing design of future cities, buildings and infrastructure and the ICT industry. This will inform design and will change the way we live, work and behave. Through encouraging knowledge sharing World Cities Network is facilitating the development of roadmaps which could deliver a lower carbon future for existing cities and those which will develop explosively in the coming 50 years. GoodTeam are a strategy advisory firm, operating internationally from a base in Auckland New Zealand, we help to build enterprise resilience through discovery and design of strategy that delivers financial performance, measurable social impact and enhanced environmental sustainability. We also actively seek-out global points of influence, or hinges, where our advice will have a multiplier-effect and thus will deliver an enduring and ultimately meaningful impact. We have identified the design, build out and subsequent carbon emissions of the next wave of new cities (and the adaptation of existing cities) against carbon targets as one of these global hinges, and so we are delighted to be acting as strategic advisors to the leadership of World Cities Network.”  


Ian is a seasoned corporate development executive, a strategist and a general manager with an international career as a change agent spanning 25 years and 12 countries. Ian hails from Oxford, in the UK and trained as an aerospace engineer and military pilot before embarking on a commercial career following an MBA. Ian has very broad cross sector knowledge with depth in high technology industries.
Ian is an expert in strategy development, planning and execution and has held global responsibilities for IBM and for Ericsson. He was formerly a Director of Operations Improvement with billionaire Graham Hart’s Rank Group investments (NZ) and Head of Strategy and Change at IBM (NZ). In 2007 Ian worked delivering a global restructure of IBM at their New York HQ and has driven results for a number of multi-national corporations in a variety of GM, operations, strategy and M&A roles.
Ian believes that the social, environmental and economic implications of population growth, over consumption and severe threats to biodiversity through climate change demand a dramatic shift from ‘business as usual’. He perceives the spectacular opportunity for the evolution of the capital model towards a low carbon future and a multiple bottom line and is both passionate about and experienced in business transformations and social entrepreneurship.  
He co-founded the GoodTeam strategy firm in 2009 to develop hybrid strategies to help corporates in transition, social enterprise and impact investors to each make a difference. He aspires to see business disciplines and capital harnessed to do greater good for future generations. 

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