Michael Hammond

Co-Founder and Editor in Chief - World Cities Network and BEM

Michael Hammond

What really excites me about World Cities Network is that it is venturing into the realm of how future projects will be funded. Communicating with different players, firms in the technology sectors with amazing balance sheets, looking at innovative funding vehicles and new international finance sources.


Michael Hammond is co-founder and Editor in Chief of World Cities Network and Built Environment Media. He chairs the WAN AWARDS jury panel and produces the topical series of podcasts, This Week which has featured most of the world’s leading architects and the newly launched Radio WAN.

Prior to WAN, Michael authored Performing Architecture published by Merrell in 2006. He has also contributed many other architectural features to a range of media including the Architects’ JournalBlueprint, BA’s lifestyle magazine Highlife, CNN, CBC, the BBC, The London Evening Standard and the Southern Florida Architects’ Radio show.

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