Paula Hirst

Founding Partner - Disruptive Urbanism

Paula Hirst

As ever more people live in our cities, the challenge of how to provide a high quality of life for all their inhabitants that is sustainable over the long term becomes an ever more pressing issue to address. World Cities Network provides the forum in which some of the difficult questions can be posed, debated, and solutions developed vital for the future health, wellbeing, and ultimate survival of our urban populations.


Paula is the founding partner of Disruptive Urbanism, adapting and creating new business models for sustainable urban development and regeneration to respond to changes in finance, technology, demographics, and the environment

Previously she was Executive Director of Integrated City Systems for the Future Cities Catapult. Paula's career in sustainable urban development and regeneration in cities in Europe and the Middle East spans the public and private sectors, including at Mazars, Atkins, the Olympic Delivery Authority, and the Greater London Authority.

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