Prof. William Alsop

Director - ALL Design

Prof. William Alsop

I support World Cities Network because I believe it could make a difference.


Will Alsop is a prominent architect who established ALL Design in 2011 and currently works on smaller scale artworks and buildings as well as large-scale urban planning and design initiatives. His practice is an international operation guided by the principle that architecture is both vehicle and symbol of social change and renewal.

“I support World Cities Network because I believe it could make a difference. I also passionately believe that there are radical changes that need to be made if cities are to be made resilient. Resilience requires a timely response to changed circumstances and certainly in the older, Western cities much of the existing planning process needs to be overhauled to enable cities to evolve in tune with the environment.

Over the years, layers of complexity have been relentlessly added to the planning process and much of this baggage needs to be removed for cities to become more agile. Part of the reason behind this legacy seems to be the assumption that each development is the first of its kind, with rafts of calculations and technical studies having to prove a case from first principles. Each new initiative, such as sustainability just gets added onto the previous requirements, yet another layer, and yet more fees for experts.

What attracts me about World Cities Network is the innovative notion that cities can share case studies of developments and use of new technology and that these could be used as a knowledge base, “here’s one we did earlier,” thus permitting a fast track approval based on sound knowledge – independently referenced.

Graphic examples exist of what can happen to cities that have not been resilient to change, Detroit remains a stark reminder of the importance of this issue.”

Prof. William Alsop OBE

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