Rick Robinson

IT Director, Smart Data and Technology - Amey

Rick Robinson

"Cities everywhere are facing challenges of economic performance; social cohesion; sustainability; and security of the supply of resources such as food, energy and water. The answers to these challenges will not be found within any single discipline - city planning, infrastructure engineering or technology, for example. We'll find them by working together across these professional domains; and through the process of cities sharing their experience. The World Cities Network is a great forum in which those conversations can take place, and I think professionals and city stakeholders alike will take great value from them". 


Rick works with cities, communities, universities and businesses to create and deliver innovative visions for applying technology to improve cities. 

He collaborates with a network of business and community leaders, academics, entrepreneurs and social innovators across the world to create opportunities to invest in changing the way cities work; form the initiatives and projects to deliver those changes; and design the technology solutions to enable them.

Prior to joining Amey Rick was Executive Architect at IBM [http://www.ibm.com/smartercities/] responsible for the development and delivery of Smarter City solutions for IBM’s customers in the UK and Europe, and a member of the Academy of Urbanism.

He was heavily involved in IBM’s project in Sunderland to deliver a City Cloud; and in Birmingham is a member of the Smart City Commission and the chair of the Digital Working Group for Birmingham Science City.

Rick also explores emerging technologies and their application in city systems in his blog http://theurbantechnologist.com/ 

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