Roger Toussaint

Director - Eurbanlab

Roger Toussaint

"In order to accelerate the development of smart and sustainable urban areas, there is a need for increased cooperation and mutual learning between sectors. Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again, we need to connect ideas, technologies and systems to create more integrated solutions.”


Roger is CEO at ‘Javelin Creative Solutions’, a sustainability consultancy in the Netherlands. He is also the Director of ‘Eurbanlab’, a collaborative platform to accelerate Urban Innovations in Europe.

 His work focuses on planning for multi-disciplinary and integrated approaches, to tackle complex sustainability challenges in regional development. As a researcher/consultant, Roger combines scientific research with a creative mindset to support stakeholders in the creation and implementation of effective sustainability solutions.

Between 2012 and 2015, Roger has been responsible for the development of the Eurbanlab assessment method for sustainable urban innovations in collaboration with TNO, ARCADIS and the Institute for Sustainability.

He now works on the further development and implementation of the Eurbanlab tools & services. This involves the evaluation of innovations in sustainable urban development projects, and the propagation of successful examples to increase our knowledge on effective approaches.

Roger has an academic background in 'Regional Development & Innovation' (BSc.) and 'Environmental Policy & Management' (MSc.).

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