Shane Mitchell

Head of Programme Strategy, Urban Innovation Practice Internet B - Cisco IBSG

Shane Mitchell

“Do we want The Cathedral or The Bazaar for our future cities. For me, it is clear that there are so many applications, processes and as well as communities and latent human connections to be fully realized. The risks of crowding out too high, that openness in all its facets, from data to citizen interactions, and spatial heterogeneity, has to be the default path.”

“This is a massive opportunity for connecting local communities across the global economy, one that can only be truly accessible if we tap into the utility of citizens, businesses, and moreover the intrinsic desire of the many to engage.”


Shane Mitchell is head of programme strategy for the Urban Innovation practice within the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group. The practice leads engagements with leading global cities, such as those under the Connected Urban Development (CUD) program, to help cities reduce carbon emissions by applying innovative, technology-based approaches and broadband strategies.

Shane is responsible for coordinating the practice’s engagements, cooperation and exchange with global partner cities, NGO’s, academic and industry partners. Shane and the wider team develop ground-breaking projects, and set the building blocks for scaling globally. Shane leads the development of the urban sensing platforms, thought leadership, the global urban innovation community, and the transition of CUD to the Smart2020: Cities and regions initiative, with other companies and cities.

Prior to managing the Urban Innovation program, Shane was with the IBSG Innovations Economics and Research Practice, where he applied his experience in broadband and networking technologies, market research, and social networking to a number of IBSG engagements in the public sector and service provider segments across Europe and emerging markets.

Before joining Cisco in 2007, Shane worked extensively in the networking and service provider markets, including start-ups and global business ventures. He has particular experience in the areas of IP-based business models and marketing strategies.

Shane has a B.A. Economics from Kingston University, London and M.Sc. International Business from Birkbeck, University of London, majoring in innovation and technology policy. He is a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM), an Academician at the Academy of Urbanism (AoU), and an RSA Fellow (FRSA) 

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