Simon Frederick

Visual artist and experienced brand/communicator - SIMONFREDERICK

Simon Frederick

Global thinking in joined up constructive ways is a necessity in providing Global solutions to the world. World Cities Network provides a platform for the investors, thinkers, creatives and visionaries to collaborate effectively. It has been an honor for me to be asked to contribute. My contribution proves that this organization will be open and outward thinking and less focused on simply talking inwardly and solely to industry. 


SIMONFREDERICK is an award winning visual artist and experienced brand/communicator. Using the capture of the still as his kinetic inspiration. He is a Portraitist of people and places. Someone able to make us feel something for those people and the places in his images. He is a student of the psychology of imagery, particularly, the ability that imagery has to evoke our senses and drive our desires. His aim through his imagery, is always to make us “Feel”. His work is about the Re-Presentation of people & places to re-invent, re-purpose, create advantage, awareness and media. Simon has worked with company’s in all sectors of business using the ‘Semiotics’ of imagery to create goodwill, inspire, influence and communicate a story un- confined by words.

“ The rules of yesterday do not apply to today. They are still to be created.”

To commemorate the launch of World Cities Network in London, Simon was asked to make portraits of the leaders and representatives taking part in the first of these roundtable workshops organised by World Cities Network. To view the portraits, click here

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