Simon Mills

Head of Sustainable Development - City of London Corporation

Simon Mills


Simon Mills graduated from Southampton University with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences in 1990, and commenced his career by working as a field-botanist on Cloud and Elfin rainforest in Northern Costa Rica. 
On his return to the UK he gained an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment from Aberystwyth University, where he was invited to stay on as a lecturer for a short while. Simon then moved on to become the county ecologist and environmental planner at a number of Welsh Local Authorities. 
Whilst in Wales he developed a professional interest in sustainable development, and in 1996 he moved back to England to become the environmental coordinator for Crawley Borough Council. At Crawley he developed an ambitious programme of work, whilst simultaneously studying for a Masters in Public Administration.
In 2000 Simon joined the City of London as Head of Sustainable Development, where he has been instrumental in gaining the City an exemplary reputation in sustainable development. He was asked to develop part of the UK’s submission to the Johannesburg Earth summit in 2002, and was invited to attend the summit negotiations. 
Climate change mitigation and adaptation have been constant themes in Simon’s work- from early involvement in the UK’s carbon markets, to the adoption of the world’s first dedicated climate change adaptation strategy. This pioneering work was recognised by the UK Government in 2008, when the City of London was awarded Beacon Status for its efforts in tackling climate change.
In 2009 Simon was asked to coordinate the UK’s regional efforts on climate change adaptation, and was seconded to the DEFRA and the Government Office for London for 6 months.
Specialties:Carbon Finance, finance and insurance for sustainable development, corporate responsibility, climate change adaptation, performance managment, sustainable business modelling

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