ACTION PLAN FOR CITIES - key points from the Forum

Written by Brian Kilkelly on 1 May 2014

The forum on April 25th was designed to explore the key actions that would help cities accelerate investment into urban infrastructure. Our goal was robustly achieved with several clear actions emerging along with a strong body of evidence from leading cities and investors around the world.

Xavier Mayo, City of Barcelona

The full report will be published later this month, but we wanted to share with you some of the first reflections and provide you with access to the 'mind-map' that our friends at biggerplate produced for us on the day.

ACTION 1: Be bold, and not always market led

The City of Birmingham shared how they have taken the initiative to develop housing where the private sector was unwilling or unable to invest. The results have been impressive with the private sector now taking up their lead with major investments achieving positive returns.

ACTION 2: Identify areas to release control to citizens

Barcelona shared how they are gaining some very positive results from pilots that enable citizens to take charge of city certain aspects of city infrastructure. When people feel ownership for their own environment and are given the tools to invest, some extraordinary results can be achieved.

ACTION 3: Evaluate the returns being achieved by existing infrastructure investments

A number of infrastructure and investment experts felt that much benefit could be obtained for everyone if more evidence of investment returns were made available from existing infrastructure investments. Reducing the time and improving the accuracy of investment decisions through greater knowledge of past projects could be achieved from a 'data bank' of evidence. 

An interactive 'mind-map' of the action plan discussions is available for you here

Download regular 'mind-map' here

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