Cities Convention: Building Cities of the Future Today

Written by Laura Kolly on 26 May 2015


World Cities Network partnered with BRE for their Cities Convention on 22-23 April 2015 at Altitude London. The day was spent considering how cities could be smarter, more sustainable and resilient. Lessons from early adopters of smart city solutions were discussed and questions considered included how do cities ensure growth brings social, environmental and economic benefits for all?

Pictured above from left to right: Brian Kilkelly, Sir Alan Wilson, Tom Heath, Sir Peter Bonfield.

Brian Kilkelly spoke on the theme of Power to the People. "Cities are growing and changing rapidly in an increasingly dynamic and uncertain world. The need to exploit data to better understand, predict, and react to these changes has never been greater. No longer is technology a limiting factor. Today, it is our ability to be creative, to challenge norms, and to influence behaviour that will determine which cities will benefit from the power of data. So how do cities do this?"

Brian went on to give examples from Barcelona, London, and Tallinn where start-ups, public authorities, and companies are collaborating across sectors to introduce new ways to solve city challenges.

The programme and links to presentations can be read here on the Cities Convention site:

Video footage here

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