Clive Dutton gives his views on Leadership

Written by Elena Collins on 16 October 2012

At the launch of World Cities Network, Clive Dutton, executive Director for Regeneration and inward investment for London Borough of Newham, explains the challenges in creating resilient cities.

The challenges in creating resilient cities include improving the quality of life through jobs and education as well as the need for strong and consistent leadership in the built environment.Clive Dutton states that steady political commitment as well as passionate and strong leadership on a local level can deliver results. Although all cities are different, the issues are the same by degree. Learning and sharing information from other leaders, will overall benefit the citizens across the globe.

To watch the interview with Clive Dutton, click the link below.

Filmed and edited by Niki May Young

Clive Dutton from Brian Kilkelly on Vimeo.

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