Nick Godfrey from Atkins explains the details of the Future Proofing Report

Written by Elena Collins on 14 December 2012

Future Proofing Cities was recently published by Atkins, in a unique partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) and University College London (UCL), assesses the risks to cities from climate hazards, resource scarcities, and damage to ecosystems and how they can act now to future proof themselves. Nick Godfrey,one of the principal writers of the Future Proofing Report, explains in detail the findings of the report.

This report provides a fresh approach to the urgent issues arising from rapid urbanisation. It assesses the environmental risks facing cities in an integrated way and identifies more than 100 practical policy options that are most relevant and will be of most benefit to people living in different types of cities. It builds on the collective work on urbanisation by DFID, Atkins and UCL with forewords by the World Bank and Rockefeller Foundation. The report is set against a growing awareness of the need for increased funding for infrastructure development in developing countries at the city level.

Click here to read the interview with Nick Godfrey.

Future Proofing Cities from Brian Kilkelly on Vimeo.

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