Sharing perspectives on city resilience

Written by Niki May Young on 18 October 2012

What is a resilient city? What are the challenges, opportunities, barriers and lessons that exist from our understanding of it so far? As World Cities Network launched on 1 October, leaders from a diverse array of disciplines met in an attempt to drill into the questions, and help shape an agenda.

On a recent rainy October day in the heart of the London metropolis, a meeting of minds took place in the contrastingly serene surroundings of the as-yet unoccupied Cannon Place building. Six floors above the bustling streets, some twenty or so participants from all corners of the globe, with all number of backgrounds and professions, congregated to help shape one agenda – how to develop smarter, more resilient cities.

From city officials, to architects, to product designers, each attendee of World Cities Network's inaugural workshop had something integral, different, and yet complementary to add to the discussion, which was held under Chatham House rules. What the meeting sought to achieve was to identify the opportunities, challenges, lessons and questions stakeholders have in the process of creating smarter, more integrated and resilient cities. In doing so World Cities Network hopes to develop an appropriate discourse and work to answer these questions to ultimately facilitate the breaking of barriers.

To request a copy of the full report, including a list of all the participants, please email the World Cities Network Editor, Elena Collins at

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