Video: World Cities Network chats to Mischa Ickstadt, Associate at Gensler

Written by Elena Collins on 30 May 2013

World Cities Network chats to Mischa Ickstadt, Associate and Senior Landscape Architect at the architectural practice Gensler, about leading the Town Square Initiative.

Last year, global design firm Gensler began the Town Square Initiative. A year long programme set out to unearth and re-imagine unexpected open spaces in cities around the globe. 20 Gensler offices participated in the conceptual project where they were asked to identify open spaces in their cities and design it as a town square. The teams used the idea as a metaphor for all kinds of gathering places, not just the traditional civic square.

On a rainy spring morning, last week World Cities Network met with Mischa Ickstadt, curator of the initiative at Genlser's London office to find out more about the processes behind the programme, what existing projects have inspired him and can innovative architecture make cities more resilient.

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