World Cities Network agenda for 2013

Written by Elena Collins on 21 January 2013

The purpose of World Cities Network is
 to accelerate this development of urban infrastructure and the operational systems that can deliver greatest resilience to cities. We will achieve this through supporting the built environment leaders at the forefront of these challenges.

About World Cities Network

We are gathering city leaders from planning, urban strategy, and economic development with real estate developers and investors, architects, engineers, and solution providers. Our collective desire is to drive the investment and delivery of infrastructure. As an independent and neutral organisation, we will help evolve practical partnership models, policies, and design solutions to increase the required investment and delivery of projects.

The network will provide opportunities to build relationships, knowledge, and partnerships. Analysis of projects and their impact will be provided in a concise, impartial and practical format to ease understanding of the many complex and interconnected issues involved in delivering urban infrastructure improvements.

What we do

Our programme for 2013 includes a series of workshops and roundtables in Europe, the US, and the Middle East that will develop a toolkit for leaders of the built environment. The toolkit will provide the insights, connections, and information gained from our consideration of the key challenges to building infrastructure.

Participants will be equipped to move forward projects through improved understanding of the interconnected built environment issues, expanded contacts with stakeholders, and access to tools and models that provide practical means to enable action.

What makes our approach different?

Independent and international

World Cities Network is an independent learning network that is focused on the people, policies, and processes that enable urban infrastructure projects to be designed, commissioned, and delivered. We bring value by connecting internationally the people with the experience, ability and knowledge with those with the need to make their cities more resilient.

Public and private

Our strength comes from the quality and breadth of our network. Public and private sector organisations are involved from right across the industry. The organisations involved have world-class expertise
in delivering solutions to urban challenges and are willing to share the experience in the knowledge that they will also benefit from the exchange of ideas.

Sustained learning

As well as our ability to convene multidiscipline professionals in a neutral environment, we are facilitating learning and connections beyond these gatherings. We recognise that to make a real difference to cities, a sustained programme of learning and support is required over many months and even years.

Leadership Toolkit

Insights, tools, data, and connections are provided to network members through a ‘leadership toolkit’. This interactive online resource signposts and connects leaders with relevant and usable information.

2013 Programme Plans

World Cities Network events include roundtables, practitioner workshops and forums to provide a breadth of interaction and sharing opportunities. Participants gain access to ongoing membership benefits that will facilitate continued networking and problem
solving opportunities.

Later in the year an international awards programme will be launched to identify outstanding city leadership initiatives. Also in planning
is a University accredited workplace learning academy.

Key questions being addressed during 2013

1. How can developed cities accelerate the evolution of their energy infrastructure to deliver an affordable, sustainable and resilience power supply?

2. How can cities provide a balanced supply of adaptable office and residential space to the rising number of small and medium sized enterprises?

3. How can cities best procure design & technology solutions to make better use of existing infrastructure and prepare for future demands?

Next Events

February 5th- London’s Airport Dilemma, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

February 19th- New York Energy Workshop, City Hall, City of New York, USA

March 13th- Resilience Round-table, MIPIM, Cannes, France

Five ways to participate

1. You can contribute project, policy and product news to the Knowledge Hub – add to our collective knowledge and gain recognition for your expertise and projects

2. Participate in workshops, forums and the Academy programme – build your knowledge and relationships

3. Support financially by becoming an official programme partner – be associated with this important new initiative

4. Nominate persons for the Advisory Board – be part of the mission and together with your peers, help shape the initiative

5. Second a member of your team to help resource the programme – providing an outstanding experience for your up and coming talent

Join us to and support the leaders that are building cities that are sustainable, vibrant, and resilient. If you would like a full copy of the World Cities Network prospectus, please email us

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